Site Survey Exact-Built®

Comprehensive documentation of all surrounding streets, curbs, sidewalks, landscaping, parking areas, existing structures and neighboring facilities.

The Multivista information system provides simple to use records which are invaluable for combating inevitable quality issues, schedule delays, invalidated change orders, voided warranty claims, legal claims and disputes.

The Multivista Exact-Built® system provides an independent third party documentation that keeps your entire design and construction team accountable and provides for a more transparent project that ensures you, the owner of the facility, are getting what you paid for. We accomplish this by offering the following project services.

The pre-construction site survey provides coverage of the site and its immediately surrounding area to provide picture perfect memory of conditions prior to the start of construction. Should you have issues regarding damage of your facility, or a neighbor or municipality claims you caused damage, you will have third party date-stamped images which prove the pre-existing conditions; An ongoing insurance policy for the owner.