Construction Slideshows

Slideshows provide a customizable record of miscellaneous events and conditions during construction.

Construction Slideshows

Slideshows use digital construction photography to capture miscellaneous occurrences or conditions while a Multivista photographer is on-site to perform any other shoot in the scope. These conditions are those that do not fit neatly into the building envelope interface (i.e., materials stored on site).

Slide shows are not linked to architectural plans in the same manner as the formal shoots; however, they will be dated, labeled and stored on the Client’s interface. Thus, all of your information remains in one “place.” Owner and Superintendent photograph collections of critical events or conditions may also be provided to Multivista for incorporation into the Slideshow collections.

Executive Summary of Your Project in Under 100 Photos

Extremely popular for marketing and sales materials, and a great PR tool which allows the community to see how your project is coming along. Also allows lenders, consultants, committees and executives to quickly see the overall state of construction inside and outside the project. This area also allows for aerial photos, client photos, quality issues, safety concerns, etc.