Exterior Construction Progress Photography

Documents all work in the vicinity of the building exterior at regular intervals to provide a permanent, inspection-grade photographic record of construction progress.

Exterior Progression Shoots

Photographically documenting every exterior wall at every stage of construction allows you to verify schedule delays, quality installation of your systems, verification of plans and specs, and code issues. Construction progress photography will also save you money by enabling “virtual” walk-throughs of your project by your architects, engineers and consultants without having to pay their expensive travel and rates.

Progress photography shoots are generally performed at monthly intervals, and are coordinated with the pace of erection. Exterior progress photography typically begins at substantial framing, and not at commencement of site work. Progress photography can begin at commencement of site work for the purpose of broadly capturing site work.


Multivista’s construction progress photography services are perfect for:

  • Virtual QA/QC meetings
  • Improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen
  • Back checks of materials used
  • Change order verification
  • Solving facilities problems down the road
  • Quickly and easily verifying if a problem is a systemic or isolated issue,
    without doing destructive verification

It also allows architects, engineers, consultants, vendors, etc. to monitor building progress 24×7. These firms typically charge for each site visit. Our inspection-grade progress photographs allow them to virtually walk the job without the owner having to pay for it.

Our methodology captures all stages of construction progress, from groundbreaking through to project completion, via digital photo, video and webcam documentation. We visually document the on-site progress throughout construction and complete Exact-Built® shoots at certain predetermined stages in order to capture precise, highly detailed and accurate representations of the project at each particular stage. The photographs are uploaded to the Multivista Web Site, linked to the architectural drawings for reference, and then made instantly available to the client and their chosen associates in their own password-protected area within the Web Site.