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Building trust

Custom home builders maintain their reputation for exceptional build standards by delivering on their commitments to the exacting homeowners who place their trust in them.

Obviously, it is imperative to keep your custom home clients happy, but, projects like these also present an opportunity to showcase your craftsmanship and skill – ultimately the most important aspect of growing your business. Multivista has a full-suite of solutions to support that growth.

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I’ve used Multivista on five large residential projects in the past two years. I’ve found it to be invaluable. It’s reasonably priced, works extremely well and is very easy to use. From any device, I can pull up and zoom in on rough utilities on any project, from my office, from my truck, on the job site or years later in the finished home. Homeowners also find it extremely easy to use and very useful. I couldn’t be happier with the product.
Douglas P. Whitla, Owner, Whitla Brothers Builders, Inc.
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Promote and differentiate

Multivista has provided full-service documentation services on thousands of custom homes that allow users to verify the quality of materials used, track the specialised build techniques employed and ensure that all design specifications were satisfied.

Multivista’s immersive 3D walkthrough, Site-Walk 360 , allows for custom home projects to be publicised in website portfolios or listings services for exposure to potential home buyers.

Delivering transparency

Custom home builders can deliver the ultimate turnover tool to future homeowners by providing them with the comprehensive visual construction record of their new home.  Months worth of inspection-grade progress and milestone photos, linked to the home’s architectural plans, provide future homeowners with a resource that can be used for ongoing maintenance, renovations or additions to their custom home for decades to come.

And in the event of a future issue, Multivista can arm custom home builders with the visual documentation they need to protect themselves from unsubstantiated warranty claims, captured by an unbiased third-party expert.


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