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Site-Walk 360°: Virtual tours for remote management and visualisation

3D virtual construction site walkthroughs

Multivista’s immersive 3D construction walkthroughs allow owners, general contractors, and facilities managers to ‘walk’ through their construction site remotely. Utilising sophisticated reality-capture technology, our 360 degree virtual tours provide complete documentation.

Site-Walk 360° is ideal for:

  • QA/QC, inspection and monitoring
  • Validation of as-built conditions
  • Capturing hard-to-visualise spaces
  • Project marketing

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We’ve teamed up with Matterport, the leader in immersive media technology, to bring high-resolution 360 degree virtual walkthroughs to your construction project.

Our valued architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) clients receive access to exclusive 3D workflow functionalities within Multivista’s robust platform. Plus, VDC (virtual design and construction) teams can depend on the generated point cloud for their BIM workflows and validation.

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360 Degree Photography Services

Fully immersive,
fully customisable

For an added layer of project intelligence, Multivista augments and enhances our Site-Walk 360° immersive walkthroughs with inspection-grade photo documentation. Our cutting-edge combined floor plan technology allows users to seamlessly alternate between 2D digital images and the 3D navigation experience of Site-Walk 360°.

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Multivista Site Walk 360 software in action
Multivista Site Walk 360 software in action
Multivista Site Walk 360 software

Every critical system, every critical angle

MEP+ provides visual as-built records of your project, providing the highest degree of intelligence for construction and facilities management professionals.

  • Validate BIM without costly 3D laser scans
  • Virtually walk along in-wall utilities
  • Accurate and permanent as-built resource

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Virtual walkthrough, absolute validation

Multivista creates the ultimate turnover resource and delivers a comprehensive level of validation with Site-Walk 360° for finished conditions.

  •    Marketing and advertising resource
  •    Real estate pre-sales
  •    Conduct meticulous virtual inspections
  •    Confidently validate as-built finished conditions

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