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Measurable 3D images
for construction

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Measure anything

Multivista’s measurable 3D Images give users the ability to remotely measure length and depth with high levels of accuracy. Powered by the professional-grade BLK3D imager from our sister company, Leica Geosystems, these highly accurate measurable images document critical infrastructure with unprecedented precision.

Construction measurement services

Trained Multivista photographers capture comprehensive measurable 3D images of your job site, link them to interactive project plans and make them available from anywhere using Multivista’s cloud-based platform. 

Real-time construction measurement

3D images are the perfect solution for owners, contractors, architects, engineers and other project stakeholders who need instant access to accurate construction measurements.

Measure anything, from anywhere

  • Trained Multivista photographers capture comprehensive measurable 3D images of your job site, all of which are linked to interactive project plans and available in the cloud via the Multivista platform. 

Share measurable 3D images with every stakeholder

  • Because Multivista’s 3D images are accessed online, they can be easily shared with contractors, architects, facilities teams, inspectors and other stakeholders to speed up critical workflows.

Save time and improve quality with construction measurement services

  • 3D images help to reduce risk and liability, minimise the need for on-location verification and help stakeholders quickly complete RFIs and change order workflows. Better yet, measurable images can eliminate the need for destructive discovery and create a comprehensive record of as-built conditions for future operations and maintenance.
Construction Measurement in a Photo
BLK3D Photo
Construction Measurement Estimator
3D Image Device
3D Image with Construction Measurement
General Contractor Using Construction Measurement Device

The only provider of Leica-powered
3D images

Multivista’s 3D images are powered by Leica Geosystems professional-grade BLK3D imager. Ideal for capturing projects at the construction milestones prior to cover-up, measurable images let you see – and measure – the areas in slabs, behind walls and underground.

3D images are used to document:

  • Pre-slab conditions
  • Underground utilities
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Finished conditions

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