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Our clients
"We have introduced the Multivista platform to a number of our clients projects to better aid the recording of site works and provide better all-round visibility of progress for all parties involved. As Project and Cost Consultants we find the ability to instantly access the wealth of accurate photographic information generated invaluable in the day to day execution of our role. "
- Drew Vince, Director
University of Strathclyde
"I was very impressed with ability to monitor site progress from my desk. Another major benefit is having a record of the construction progress, which allows us to manage quality and 'peel back the layers' to understand how services and finishes have been co-ordinated throughout the works. "
- Stella Matko, Director of Estates
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
"Multivista has provided us with an additional set of eyes and a record of the construction process. Their construction documentation services is increasingly valuable to us in many of the contractor-led procurement processes. We’ve had great input from the Multivista team for both training and support."
- John Donnelly, General Manager – Project Development
Kings College Hospital
"Multivista were extremely precise in detailing the final build and creating some excellent images we can use for marketing purposes. During the construction phase they documented the workmanship of the fire stopping on a weekly basis to ensure that the contractor was building to specification. In the future this will also help maintenance above the ceiling and within walls."
- Sarah Clay, Project Manager Capital Estates & Facilities Directorate
"Multivista offer a first class service by recording the true narrative of progress on a project. With an unbiased history of construction, the client has an invaluable aide-memoire to help defend unwarranted claims, or challenge discrepancies in contractor progress reporting."
- Doug Walters, Commercial Director
"Multivista’s user friendly technology, combined with almost real time visual programme analysis provides a secondary support mechanism to fully understand the status of your project. The assistance in Quality Control and retrospective investigations is a huge benefit to any large scale project. The system pays for itself."
- James Webster
Kindred Construction
"A no brainer, the service pays for itself."
- Shawn Ruthven, Senior Project Manager
Flintco Residential
"I have had the pleasure of using Multivista’s services on two projects now and the experience just keeps getting better. Multivista’s photo documentation services provide me all of the as-built information and protection I need in a professional platform without tying up a member of my staff. I fully intend to use them on every project in the future."
- Brad Adams, Project Superintendent
Jacob's Engineering
"I would recommend Multivista to any PM, contractor or owner seeking to reduce project risks and save time and money on their construction projects."
- Dave Fox, Project Manager
Turner Construction Company
"Thoroughly documenting the rough conditions of a finished space to show compliance allows us to give our client peace of mind and adhere to the demands of the project schedule. Multivista has been instrumental in this way by capturing the in-wall and above-ceiling in an organised fashion."
- Robert Romanoff, Field Engineer
Hunt Construction Group
"Multivista’s consistent involvement and support throughout the project has not only proven their dedication to their clients, but their drive to deliver a superior product and remain on the leading edge of technology. "
- Kyle Goebel, Virtual Construction Engineer
City of Sandy Springs, GA
"After being in the mechanical/engineering field for 30 years and experiencing first-hand what Multivista provides, I cannot imagine building a commercial building, or a house for that matter, without using Multivista."
- Gerard Roth CEM, LEED AP O+M, CxA, Chief Building Engineer
Square on Solutions Ltd.
"As Project Manager and Supervisor, my only regret was not using Multivista on past projects. "
- Aaron J Macklem, Owner, Square On Solutions


(New!) 3D image
Measurable 3D images, accessible from anywhere
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Professional construction photo documentation services
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Professional facility and construction training videos
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Time-lapse and live video stream webcam feeds of construction sites
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Drone and UAV
UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone photos, 3D mapping and fly-over videos
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Virtual walkthrough
Remote, 3D immersive site ‘walks’
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Project stakeholders

Developers and owners
Developers and owners

Monitor, document and track all construction progress as it happens.

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Complete your project on time and under budget with visual documentation linked to digital project plans.

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Facilities managers
Facilities managers

Our services offer an exhaustive reference point for facility-wide operations, maintenance and renovations.

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Architects and engineers
Architects and engineers

Use Multivista to validate your model with as-built conditions, verify design integrity, and virtually ‘walk’ the site.

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Flip through progression photos of your project to see inside every wall, ceiling, floor and slab right from your phone.

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Public Sector
Public Sector

Procure Multivista and benefit from the complete transparency of an unbiased and independent documentation resource.

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About Multivista

Since 2003, Multivista has provided construction photo and video documentation services on over 4 billion square metres of construction projects worldwide. Now part of Hexagon (HEXA-B), a global information technology powerhouse, Multivista has evolved into a large-scale construction services company that combines cutting-edge reality capture technology with unparalleled customer service to meet all of the visual construction documentation needs of construction professionals.

MV-Logo-Part-of-hexagonMultivista’s versatile video, UAV, 3D, webcam and photo services are valuable for a wide range of construction projects across a wide range of industries. With sophisticated tools, a proprietary software platform, a professional and seasoned team, and over boots on the ground in over 80 global markets, we aim to become your one-stop visual documentation service provider.

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