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What is Multivista?

Multivista is the leading provider of visual documentation solutions for construction projects. We provide professional photo, video, webcam, 3D immersive, and drone services suited for every vertical of the construction industry. Our visual documentation services provide inspection-grade, live and dynamic digital photography linked to architectural plans by time and location, preserving a perfect record of every aspect of the project lifecycle. We integrate all site data into one robust, online platform – optimized to fit the daily workflow and needs of every project stakeholder.

Since its founding, Multivista has grown to over 70 markets worldwide and has contracted over 2.5 billion square feet of construction projects. Today, we work with General Contractors, Developers, Building/Site Owners, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Insurance Carriers, Government Agencies, Architects, Engineers and Attorneys.

How was Multivista founded?

In 2003, Luis Pascual, founding partner and Multivista CEO, was working out of Vancouver, British Columbia. As an electrician, he found himself facing the same challenge on almost every site he visited. Once drywall was in place, Luis often had trouble determining and locating which systems had been installed behind it. Frequently, the inability to identify what was beyond the drywall required expensive destructive verification to identify and correct issues. He came to realize that he could avoid guesswork and costly demolition by using digital photography to capture the as-built conditions of a construction project at important phases of the build.

Founding partner Graham Twigg, (currently Chief Technical Officer) envisioned a system where those same photographs could be linked to their exact locations on corresponding project plans – creating a complete, indexed, visual record of the project throughout construction progress. Pascual and Twigg combined their vision, effort and expertise to create the Multivista Documentation Software (MDS) system, and in 2006, introduced their platform in the United States.

Of course, Graham and Luis have had lots of help along the way. Bios for the Multivista Corporate Chief Executives can be found here.

Why do clients use the Multivista construction documentation services?

Multivista users receive access to a secure, comprehensive, time-indexed records of their entire construction project from start to finish. This content is accessible 24/7, and can be leveraged remotely by the project teams to share high quality imaging from anywhere on the planet in real-time. Used as a quality assurance tool, Multivista services greatly reduce the need for corrective destruction, and help to ensure nonconforming conditions can be identified prior to project completion. Clients dealing with schedule delays, invalidated change orders, and legal disputes can also save time and money by providing verifiable documentation, captured by an unbiased 3rd party professional.

Other benefits of the service include:

  • Transparency
  • Trade & Material Accountability
  • Reference
  • Team Communication
  • Remote Management
  • Monitor Critical Path
  • RFI Specificity
  • Change Order Applications
  • Warranty Issues
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mitigate Statute of Repose Risk
  • Future Project Planning
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Facilities Management
Do clients use Multivista’s services more than once?

Many clients consider Multivista’s services essential, and use our documentation technologies as a best practice on all projects.

What are the staffing requirements?

Typically, the minimum required staff includes a principal operator, an operations manager, inside and outside sales people, and a photographer.

What is the amount you must spend on advertising and marketing your Multivista Business in your territory?

2% of Gross Sales.

What is the typical length of a contract?

The initial franchise contract term is 10 years.

Who are the principal owners of Multivista franchises?

Multivista has a growing team of seasoned franchise owners; some of whom have opened multiple franchise locations. Click here to see a list of current franchise owners.