Training & Support

Multivista provides extensive, in-depth training in all aspects of its business, technology and operations to franchise owners and personnel. Our training exceeds industry standards. We are here to help ensure your success.

Multivista Franchise Construction Photographers

In-Depth Training

The Multivista Corporate/Franchise relationship is an ongoing collaboration, ensuring that all Multivista clients receive the same reliable, quality service, regardless of project location. At Multivista, we pride ourselves on providing clients with a complete service experience, including support for all of our tools, services and technology. As such, we provide all new Multivista Business owners with the necessary training and tools to deliver a consistent, high level of service.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Multivista was the first to digitize the construction documentation process, integrating cutting-edge digital equipment, construction photography, live-streaming webcams, sharing/commenting functions, and high level security parameters to deliver advanced visual documentation solutions via the Internet.  Our research and development team continually seeks to improve the Multivista Documentation Software System (MDS), consistently incorporating client recommendations and feedback.

Multivista Franchise Trade Show

Training, software and on-going support are provided as part of Multivista Business ownership.  We supply and support both general and functionally-specific software that creates a business foundation and continuously provides warm sales leads. At the outset, hosted Outlook email accounts are provided for all franchise personnel. Our operational software is a custom online program for uploading, indexing and hosting all project documentation, with dedicated support staff to assist with any issues that may arise. Also supplied is fully integrated Salesforce CRM, providing total workflow management: including the ability to view sales activity at a glance and extensive lead sourcing that offers daily updates and comprehensive tracking of every major construction project and decision maker in each Multivista market.

Advertising Support

In addition to providing assistance with opening advertising and marketing campaigns for each new franchise, Multivista provides significant, ongoing marketing and advertising support. We maintain an International Advertising Fund that supports the efforts of all franchisees. From campaigns, to collateral, to trade shows, Corporate Marketing ensures that the Multivista Brand message is in your market.