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Healthcare construction documentation is an essential piece of any healthcare project.  The healthcare system is comprised of many types of next-generation facilities, painstakingly designed to support patient care. Few industries demand the extreme attention to detail at every stage of healthcare construction that is the hallmark of a healthcare project. When lives are on the line, every decision about material specifications, safety, and quality matters. Multivista has captured thousands of healthcare facilities with full-service visual construction documentation services.

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We manage multiple remote projects throughout North America and have been utilizing Multivista documentation on all of our projects for the past two years. We were recently asked by an inspector to verify the installation of 53 valves already covered by paint and drywall. Using Multivista, we were able to look inside every wall without having to perform any unnecessary destructive verification. We estimate that Multivista saved us over $53,000 on this one issue alone.
Elizabeth Liles Mann, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager, Design & Construction, HealthSouth

Healthcare-Specific Construction Risks

Healthcare facilities are unique in that the design and function must, of course, satisfy the rigorous requirements of patient care while also reducing the risk of secondary infection and other prohibitors of care and recovery. Any construction issues or defects, like improperly wired systems, have a direct impact on the healthcare facility’s ability to treat their patients. Aside from the increased health risks related to construction rework in a facility already treating patients, construction defects found in facilities not yet treating patients often lead to costly construction delays that may impact an on-time opening. Multivista’s comprehensive healthcare documentation allows project teams to proactively identify issues by regularly reviewing construction progress, or find resolutions to issues and defects quickly with detailed visuals that show whether the issue is isolated or systemic.

Healthcare Facility Maintenance

When it comes to highly-detailed healthcare construction documentation that enables maintenance and management teams to keep healthcare facilities running smoothly and supporting patient care, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution. Visual documentation, taken throughout construction, immediately turns into a powerful facility resource after turnover. Facility and maintenance teams can virtually peer inside floors, walls, and ceilings to trace and troubleshoot MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems or other critical systems like medical gas lines.  

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Multivista has provided full-service documentation services on thousands of healthcare facilities around the world using industry-leading data capture technologies, including inspection-grade photos, streaming webcam feeds, professional facility videos, aerial drone (UAV) flights, and 3D virtual walk-throughs, for exceptional project coverage. Multivista stores all visual documentation on a secure, cloud-based platform that can be accessed by an unlimited number of project team members from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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