Multivista Welcomes New Leadership to San Francisco Team

SAN FRANCISCO (May 6, 2011) – Multivista, the visionary construction technology firm, is proud to welcome new leadership to the San Francisco team. Andrew Duffell will take over all Northern California operations via the San Francisco Bay Area market office.

“We welcome Mr. Duffell into his new role with our San Francisco Bay Area territory and are looking forward to what new leadership will add to the dynamic of this already growing market,” said Chief Executive Officer Luis Pascual.

After beginning with Multivista as a sales associate, Andrew Duffell is familiar with the Multivista Exact-Built™ system and its impact on the construction industry. He is looking forward to furthering Multivista’s presence in Northern California.

“Historically, the San Francisco Bay Area has been quick to embrace technology advancements, Duffell said. “From the very beginning I saw Multivista as addressing a need that had yet to be solved in the San Francisco construction industry. Our clients see that too,” he said.

Multivista’s San Francisco office, which has been operating a little over a year, is already experiencing success in this market.  

“I’m extremely excited to continue building the San Francisco Bay Area market for Multivista and we continue to add both sales and operations staff to our team to address the growing demand for our services in this market,” Duffell said.


About Multivista
Multivista provides thousands of readily available inspection-grade digital photographs of construction projects that are indexed to the architectural drawings by date and location. During construction, Multivista provides a fundamental web-based collaboration tool to assure timely information sharing, quality installations, trade accountability and efficient reporting and documentation. After construction, the Multivista system provides the most accurate, accessible and easily navigated permanent record available for your facility managers and for future expansion, maintenance and modification. For more information, visit