Multivista Stretches Southeastern Capabilities with New Location

Multivista, the visionary construction technology firm, is proud to announce they are now servicing projects in their newest location, Louisiana!

The Louisiana market is the fourth U.S. location to come online in 2011.

“Multivista continues to excel and flourish throughout North America, despite challenging economic times” Chief Executive Officer, Luis Pascual said. “Multivista’s continued success is because of the valued customers who continue to trust our team with their documentation needs,” he said.

Multivista is a project photo management system that offers on-demand remote jobsite viewing over the internet for better asset protection, accountability, and a permanent photographic record of construction. Louisiana principals Geoff Susskind, Reef Tanagho and Michael Dorman are very familiar with the Multivista System as they are seasoned veterans with Multivista’s operations in the southeastern U.S.

“Multivista provides the construction industry with an unmatched resource for memorializing their construction projects from groundbreaking through to completion,” Managing Principal Geoff Susskind said. “And we are glad to share the platform with clients in the Louisiana market.”

The Louisiana team isn’t wasting any time getting established in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Multivista is currently documenting projects for Louisiana State University, the city of Baton Rouge, Tulane University and other clients in the area!

 “Things are off to a great start,” Susskind added. “Our Louisiana clients are really impressed with Multivista’s documentation platform!”

About Multivista

Multivista provides photographic construction documentation services that combine easy-to-use software, visual as-builts, construction photography and photo indexing technology to help manage projects at every stage of construction. Time Lapse Construction Photography, inspection-grade digital building photos and live construction webcams are our most in-demand services.  Operating Since 2003, Multivista has over 40 offices in the U.S. and Canada servicing all North American construction markets. Find out more: