Multivista Kicks Off the New Year With New International Location


PHOENIX (January 21, 2011) – Multivista, the leading provider of construction documentation in North America, is proud to announce the opening of its first new franchise location of 2011, Victoria, BC.

This new franchise is the seventh to open in Canada since the construction technology firm got its start more than seven years ago.

With more than 40 years combined construction experience, Victoria principals Ryan Holmes, Cassi Chesher and Paul Willms know first-hand the downfalls of traditional construction documentation. Undoubtedly, that is why the three were eager to champion a Multivista franchise in Victoria. The team plans to share the benefits of state-of-the-art documentation with the Victoria construction industry.

“Multivista helps clients take control of their project documentation by providing a sensible, digital tool in a market that was otherwise untapped,” managing principal Paul Willms said.

Multivista’s Exact-Built™ documentation is an alternative to an outdated practice that typically includes filing cabinets full of large binders containing thousands of photos for each project. The Victoria team sees Multivista’s Exact-Built™ construction documentation service as a documentation solution that can take their client’s inventory, sort it logically, and host it securely on the web for instant recall.

“Multivista is the ultimate facilities management tool for owners and developers. Contractors also see a huge benefit in terms of tracking the build,” said Cassi Chesher. “Anyone who plans on building needs the accountability of our service for liability, tracking and reducing rework,” she added.

Multivista, a system that is based on credibility, provides digital documentation that is long overdue for the construction industry.

“This was a service literally begging for its time to come,” Ryan Holmes said. “Now it is finally here and it had the right people with the idea, the plan, and the motivation to lead the way and forge a path towards construction documentation greatness.”

The trio is looking forward to sharing that greatness to the Victoria, BC market.

“It’s easy to get up in the morning when you believe in the people and the systems that you are working with,” Ryan Holmes added.

About Multivista
Multivista provides thousands of readily available inspection-grade digital photographs of construction projects that are indexed to the architectural drawings by date and location. During construction, Multivista provides a fundamental web-based collaboration tool to assure timely information sharing, quality installations, trade accountability and efficient reporting and documentation. After construction, the Multivista system provides the most accurate, accessible and easily navigated permanent record available for your facility managers and for future expansion, maintenance and modification. For more information, visit