Cultivating the Seed

$60.5 million Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Initiative Impacts Calgary’s Future Plan

For more than 25 years, The Mustard Seed Foundation has nurtured progressive life-change programs. The Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Initiative utilizes the Foundation’s past experience to create a mixed-use community living space that will impact homeless men and women in the present and future.

The Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Initiative will be a place where residents can live, learn, work and connect with community to encourage positive change for low-income Calgary residents.

When completed, the new 12-story facility, in Calgary’s Beltline community, will provide nearly 20% of the housing spaces needed to fulfill the City of Calgary’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Multivista’s Exact-Built® construction documentation system is expected to have a very positive impact on the planning and ROI of this nearly 12,000 square meter (~130,000 sq. ft) project. Our state-of-the-art documentation is a powerful facility management tool connecting construction teams to permanent, comprehensive project records that will survive well into the future. High-resolution photos of the construction process are indexed to the architectural plans online for easy access both during and after construction.

Multivista is proud to be documenting the construction of The Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Initiative’s mixed-use facility.

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