Connecting Time and Towpaths

Multi-million dollar restoration of C&O Canal Historical Landmark to fill only gap in America’s longest national park

Long after the time that mules were used to pull barges up and down the river by towpath, the C&O Canal system’s Big Slackwater Towpath became a spot for pedestrian hiking and cycling traffic. After destructive floods in the seventies, eighties and nineties, the Big Slackwater section was deemed impassable and shut down for the public’s safety in 1996. Restoration of this historical landmark will finally reopen this 19th century passageway and reconnect the national park’s visitors to history.

The C&O Canal National Park currently requires that pedestrians detour nearly six miles outside of park boundaries to avoid the washed-out paths. The Big Slackwater Towpath renovations focus on feasible, sustainable repairs that will be completed over the next few years to connect the path along a 4,000-foot stretch of historic wall, making it safe for use once again.

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Multivista is proud to be documenting the restoration of the C&O Canal Big Slackwater Towpath.