Connections: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s $1 Billion Sky Train Project Takes Off

When complete, Phoenix’s Sky Train will connect key travel points for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport passengers including the terminals, the city’s METRO light-rail, and parking. This will make the commute to “America’s Friendliest Airport” easier and more efficient for everyone.

Multivista understands the impact that connectivity has on maximizing efficiency.
During construction, we provide a fundamental web-based collaboration tool to assure timely information sharing, quality installations, trade accountability and efficient reporting and documentation. This allows all project stakeholders to connect to their project remotely 24/7 and collaborate with colleagues throughout the world from the comfort of their desk.

Multivista is proud to be providing documentation services for the Phoenix Sky Train project.

About Multivista
Multivista utilizes actual interactive CAD files as a housing, navigation and indexing interface for periodic and milestone “just-in-time” digital images of the entire life of a construction project from substantial framing through completion. Inspection-grade photographs are cross-indexed by time and location on our secure, online interface to pinpoint any specific issues during the construction process, providing our users a perfect memory of the Exact-Built™ condition of the facility, a powerful facility management and verification tool that can be referenced for years to come.