Buckeyes Go for Green!

The Ohio State University’s William Hall Complex II Expansion Aims for LEED Silver.

OSU implements green initiatives into new 180,000 SF hall expansion to improve campus efficiency and sustainability.

The Ohio State University is committed to constantly improving campus life and facilities for its faculty and students. Key to this goal is the construction of sustainable and efficient campus facilities such as the 180,000 SF, William Hall Complex II expansion. This complex will utilize state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s best practices to achieve a minimum of LEED silver certification.

To increase energy efficiency, the suite-style complex will implement systems such as geothermal technology for heating and cooling and reduced-water-use fixtures that will help reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Multivista’s state-of-the-art Exact-Built™ system is designed for efficiency and sustainability. Our photographic construction documentation is hosted entirely online, allowing for universal remote access and easy collaboration among all project stakeholders.  We provide a permanent, paperless record of every wall, ceiling, and system that helps maintain these efficiencies not only during construction, but long after construction is complete.

Multivista is proud to be documenting the William Hall Complex II expansion for The Ohio State University.