The Multivista Elevation Exact-Built™

See into your building envelope without tearing it open.

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Building envelope consultants normally take a sampling of photos designed to show the Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) in place on your construction project, the correct installation of water membranes and/or the correct installation of window flashings. During this process, typically 1-5% of windows, doors and exterior waterproofing are captured. If a question as to the quality of such installations arises, this means there is a 95-99% chance that there is no documentation covering the problem area. Because envelope deficiencies are the cause of more than 50% of construction litigation, allowing this ratio of the “unknown” is appallingly risky.

Without a comprehensive record of the construction process, costly measures such as destructive testing, removal of existing systems or other rework may be necessary to address defects.

Multivista’s Elevation Exact-Built™ inverts the “unknown” ratio, affording far greater protection if you are faced with a construction defect claim for your facility’s exterior envelope.

Our state-of-the-art online documentation system links high-resolution, inspection-grade images to your architectural elevations and indexes them by both time and location. We create an interactive hub that memorializes your construction project from start to finish, allowing you to identify and diagnose problems from your desktop – before or after they occur!


  • The cost of the building envelope is generally 20-25% of the total building cost.*
  • Statistics show that more than 50% of construction litigation is related to envelope deficiencies!*

*Source:; “Maintaining Façade & Envelope Integrity”