Multivista Owner Benefits

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When a problem arises on a project, the Owner needs to (a) understand the cost of correction and (b) who should bear that cost. Failure to get this information quickly (if not immediately) can delay the solution and the entire project. This delay itself can compound the cost of the problem several times over. The well-equipped owner has in-turn equipped his team with tools for mutual accountability.

It is for these reasons that Government entities (federal, state and local), Educational Facilities, Hospitals and Developers have turned to Multivista to help manage their projects. Comprehensive and professional documentation of your project during each stage of construction will result in a better built and more easily and economically managed facility. Owners can expect more effective and timely communication between project associates, less change orders, higher quality installations and an exceedingly accurate as-built. The Multivista information system provides simple to use records which are invaluable for combating inevitable quality issues, schedule delays, invalidated change orders, voided warranty claims, legal claims and disputes. The Multivista Exact-Built™ system provides an independent third party documentation that keeps your entire design and construction team accountable and provides for a more transparent project that ensures you, the owner of the facility, are getting what you paid for. We accomplish this by offering the following project services.

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