Multivista & Zero Defect – GC’s: Recover Nearly 20% of Your Lost Profits

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GC’s: Recover nearly 20% of your lost profits

As a cornerstone of a Quality Assurance/ Quality Control program, Multivista can reduce
non-conformance rework by subcontractors that on average costs the General Contractor 30%
of its profits, equivalent to an average of 3% of project cost.

The Multivista Exact-Built™ system creates a comprehensive, time-indexed permanent record of your entire construction project, capturing actual conditions throughout construction and at critical milestones with inspection-grade digital photography.

The Facts:

  • $250,000 average cost of claim per major defect (1 occurrence)
  • Average cost of rework without a proper QA/QC program is estimated at 3% of total project cost.
  • Lost profit to the General Contractor equals 30% of profits.
  • Rework/error estimated to be reduced by 70% when a valid QA/QC program is in place.
  • Multivista satisfies approximately 33% of the requirements of a QA/QC program such as Zurich’s.
  • Multivista typically costs between 1/10th of 1% and 1/5th of 1% of project cost.

Cost of Defect Claims

The above information is based on studies provided by Zurich North America Insurance and University of Nevada Las Vegas.