Collaboration: Multivista & the GSA

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The General Services Administration (GSA) strives to “improve facility performance” and “optimize value received for each construction dollar spent” with its Building Commissioning Process. Multivista, the ultimate cornerstone to any Commissioning or QA/QC program, provides a collaborative platform for you to verify the progress of your project from groundbreaking through completion.

Multivista can integrate the Communication Plan and Commission Documentation elements of your Commissioning Structure. Consider the following direct benefits at each step:

Collaboration: Multivista & the GSA

  • Planning and Design: Use volumes of actual data available from Multivista’s archive of other GSA jobs to identify expectations, installations, materials and methods, as well as to provide an invaluable training tool for new project personnel who can review other under-construction or completed GSA jobs in intimate detail. The planning and design teams will be better equipped than ever by combining BIM and other modeled data with the actual image data available from Multivista when developing the Commissioning Scope, Project Schedule and other requirements for the facility. This information can then be used to solicit early and accurate cost saving feedback from the Construction Manager and Contractor(s).
  • Construction: Multivista’s frequent progression photo shoots allow you to track conditions and make well-informed decisions with input from all roles and responsibilities remotely; Multivista’s Exact-Built™ photo shoots validate critical milestones and facilitate the certification of performance; Multivista’s Slideshow and ancillary photo shoots can assist in the verification of submittals and materials. All of Multivista’s inspection-grade images are indexed at the outset by time and location and uploaded to our secure, online interface within 24 hours of the shoot. This provides your entire team with a living document easily utilized for ongoing reports and inspections, as well as for speeding along submittals, RFI requests/responses, pay application verifications and critical path management. Multivista becomes a one-stop-shop for a large portion of your final Turnover Package requirements.
  • Post-Construction: Multivista’s comprehensive, time-indexed record of the Exact-Built™ conditions of your project, provides you with a facilities management tool for years to come. Your project database is instantly-accessible to identify pre-existing facility conditions, expedite maintenance and repairs, and preserve optimal facility performance.

Below highlights recent GSA projects across the United States already utilizing Multivista:

  • GSA Ft. Pierce Courthouse, Miami, FL
  • GSA Hippolito F. Garcia Post Office & Courthouse Renovation, San Antonio, TX
  • GSA New Burn Courthouse Renovation, New Burn, NC
  • GSA Tuttle Courthouse, Atlanta, GA
  • San Luis II Border Patrol Station, Yuma, AZ
  • Tuscaloosa Courthouse, Tuscaloosa, AL

Did You Know?

Multivista’s service is the only of its kind available on the GSA Schedule. Multivista can be found on the GSA IT-70 Technology Schedule in cooperation with our procurement partners, immixGroup Technologies and EC America.