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In today’s world of tight time and even tighter budgets, we help you increase quality and reduce costs to deliver better built, better-managed projects on time and within budget.

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Multivista is a best practice information system for top tier GC’s. Comprehensive, organized and accessible, Multivista captures what is actually happening on the job site and delivers it to you remotely with the click of a button.

I would consider Multivista for every complex job in the pipeline.”

–Trent Mostaert, Vice President of Operations

“A very accurate depiction of the job done in a professional manner. I would recommend this tool on every job and to every owner for a future tool to have a digital record of the building.”

–Matthew Graziano, Superintendent

We use Multivista on all our projects. The monthly progression photos allow us to retrace our steps easily by providing comprehensive coverage of the entire build. We find it especially useful during the finishing stage as it gives us the ability to confirm rough-in locations and back-framing layouts. In addition, our clients benefit as Multivista provides them with a detailed record of their homes – a great tool for any future renovation project.”

–Jaime Valenzuela, Project Manager
Keystone Projects Ltd.

“We brought Multivista on board for two reasons — To help reduce the propensity for claims and to provide our facility maintenance staff with something that is more functional than “as-built” drawings that may or may not be accurate. Multivista has been on 5 projects to date and our facility maintenance staff is finding the “behind the wall” photos a very useful tool. We wish all of our buildings were photographed during construction to the quality of Multivista.”

–John Fessler, Dir Capital Programs

It is a valuable technology which should become a standard practice for companies.”

–Simon Holwill, Project Director and Construction Manager
Burrard Developments


–Senior Risk Manager
Zurich Insurance

“We manage multiple remote projects throughout North America and have been utilizing Multivista documentation on all of our projects for the past two years. We were recently asked by an inspector to verify the installation of 53 valves already covered by paint and drywall.

Using Multivista we were able to look inside every wall without having to perform any unnecessary destructive verification. We estimate that Multivista saved us over $53,000 on this one issue alone. Considering what we paid for Multivista, we have already benefited substantially from their service.”

–Elizabeth Liles Mann, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager, Design & Construction

“Jacobs Engineering brought Multivista on board for its development of the new Staten Island Courthouse in New York.

Project Managers and Site Supervisors used Multivista to non-destructively look inside (finished/sheet-rocked) walls to quickly verify the completion of change order work and confirm or research issues such as missing backing at various locations. It was all done very efficiently using their web-based floor plan indexed photography system. On one occasion, for example, we discovered that backing was omitted in error in one location. We used Multivista to look behind the walls without disrupting the finish work or sheetrock and identify which rooms were affected and how widespread the issue was. We then were able to specifically address only those areas identified. No destructive investigation was necessary due to Multivista’s progress and Exact-Built® photography. There is no comparison to the time and money that was saved using Multivista as opposed to traditional photographic ‘progress photos’ in this one instance and throughout the entire build.

I would recommend Multivista to any PM, contractor or owner seeking to reduce project risks and save time and money on their construction projects.”

–Dave Fox, Project Manager
Jacobs Engineering

“In order to install [a] recessed trench duct, we needed to identify exactly which electrical home-runs ran thru the trench duct and pull the wire out prior to saw cutting the slab. At first, we assumed the only way to get this information would be to x-ray the slab (approx. cost of $3000). We then decided to review Multivista’s Pre-Slab Exact-Built® photos and using the floor plans that showed the exact locations of the photos, we were able to identify which home-runs to pull wire out of.
This saved us the time and cost of having to x-ray the slab.

–Emory Sweeney, Project Engineer
DPR construction

“My first experience with Multivista was on a custom private residence on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Due to the nature of the project – a lot of technology with minimal space and clearance for it – we decided to record the rough ins for inevitable future upgrades. Throughout the entire project Multivista was professional, punctual, and responsive to the ever-changing site conditions and schedules. Their photo documentation service is user friendly and accurate. I am already recommending them for my next project and would have no problem recommending them to any other contractors or owners.”

–Christopher Meyerhoeffer, Assistant Superintendent
Woolems, Inc.

“We have been using Multivista for many years. Our clients are often away or out of the country for extended periods of time and use Multivista to monitor the progress of their build and receive updates from any location at any time. When we are completing the finish carpentry for any build, we post Multivista’s photos at specific locations to avoid damaging heavy wiring and plumbing.

The service Multivista provides also allows us to go back in time to any phase of the project and pinpoint why something was done the way it was and by whom and fix a problem if necessary with minimal cost. A small repair can sometimes cost upwards of $500 and having similar multiple repairs quickly adds up. Multivista can significantly reduce the time and effort that normally would be required to resolve an issue. In addition, having the home’s complete construction history communicates the home’s quality to the homeowner and any future owner of that home. It will always greatly assist with any future renovation project.  Multivista really has become a standard on any WoodRose Homes project.”

–Chris Kleaman, Owner
Woodrose Homes Ltd.

“During construction of a recent project, we found Multivista very useful in determining construction compliance. Multivista directly assisted us in viewing improper, concealed construction; the result was a $40,000 credit to the owner.”

–Clete Miller, Senior Associate
Weber Murphy Fox

“During the planning and construction of a mechanic’s shop, an upper roof access was missed. For costing and ease of installation, we chose an access ladder from the outside. Since the build was already completed, we needed an inside view of the structure. Multivista’s photos were a valuable tool in "opening up" the walls to see where the crossbeams were located so that a contractor could choose his mounting points for the new access ladder. The project was a success with the aid of Multivista.”

–Ron Hale, Facilities Maintenance Foreman
City of Fort Saskatchewan

Our end users at The Terrace at Bonita Springs, the Executive Director and the Director of Plant Ops, have found tremendous value in Multivista’s photographic as-built documentation – they have used it to help diagnose issues without having to incur destruction, to evaluate noise transmission, and to verify allowable wall locations for residents who wish to install objects.”

– Sharon Behan Breitinger, Director, Design & Construction
Santa Fe Healthcare, Santa Fe Senior Living

“Multivista has been instrumental in allowing BCAD to easily monitor and navigate the overall construction progress of the CIP#3835 Maintenance Facility project at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The photo documentation embedded within the plans is easy to navigate to a specific area of interest within minutes versus the laborious old days of searching through photos from all team members. There are many benefits to our entire team who encompass diverse responsibilities from designing and scheduling to construction and maintenance.

We recommend Multivista for use on any type of project and look forward to working with them on future projects here at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.”

– Marc Gambrill, Director of Capital Improvement Program – Airport Development
Broward County Aviation Department

Multivista’s documentation services were a tremendous help to us in earning valuable LEED points on the Westerleigh Retirement Residence project. At the project’s start, we did our best to take as many project photos as possible, but our photos did not meet several of the LEED criteria. Multivista’s documentation, which provides a comprehensive date-stamped record of the entire build, helped us achieve the LEED specifications.

In particular, Multivista’s assistance with the LEED photos prevented us from losing out on several LEED criteria point areas such as: a smoke-free environment; HVAC and mechanical duct protection; and clean spaces for workers and dust control. Without these points we would have been forced to spend at least $10,000 to $20,000 to get the Green Initiative Points and the project’s credibility would have been negatively affected.”

– Ben Marsolais, LEED Green Associate
Ventana Construction Corporation

“We recently had a water line leak inside a wall in one of the campus buildings that Multivista had documented during renovations. The Facilities Maintenance team used the photographic documentation to quickly locate the exact area of the leak and identify the issue. They are singing Multivista’s praises.”

– Bo Bost, Project Manager
UNCG Facilities Design & Construction, UNC Greensboro

Multivista’s documentation service has had a profound impact on our team communication, collaboration, and life cycle continuity for the Lowry Avenue Bridge project overall. The documentation Multivista offers will provide our county with a long-term permanent record of all elements of the Lowry Avenue Bridge construction process.”

“With Multivista documentation as a reference tool, Hennepin County will save time and money for future maintenance of the Lowry Avenue Bridge. I highly recommend Multivista documentation to all bridge owner/operators.”

–Jacob Bronder, P.E., Road and Bridge Operations Engineer
Hennepin County, Minnesota

“Multivista’s performance has at times pushed the Contractor to remain on schedule and has definitely increased the overall quality of the work produced by the Contractor. The current detailed product being produced by the Multivista Team has far exceeded our expectations.”

–Phil Ellsworth, Sr. Project Manager

“Multivista has been a great asset during the construction phases of our program and its value in facilitating resolution to some significant field issues alone made it worth the price of admission. However, the real value is in the long term maintenance of the facility. The facilities department has welcomed the ease of use of the program and depth of information that cannot be found on any “as built” drawing. The customer service and support has been outstanding and I plan on Multivista being a part of all my future projects.

–Scott Robertson, Area Director Design and Construction
Harrah’s Entertainment

A no brainer, the service pays for itself

–Shawn Ruthven, Senior Project Manager
Kindred Construction

“Multivista has photographed several of our existing schools that are most vulnerable, as well as costly. If a loss occurs at any of these sites, and we must make claim to our insurance and/or FEMA, we now have the ability and solid proof of existing buildings and assets for maximum recovery.

Multivista’s product is easy to use, and their staff is professional. Making an investment such as this in our Long Term Recovery Planning Process is smart and economical and will benefit us immensely if we ever have to use the claim process.”

–Sally Hull, Coordinator of Environmental Health and Safety
School District of Manatee County, Risk Management Dept.

“Multivista gives FHA the long term tools for facilities management that add value over the life cycle of the facility.”

–Marco Buccini, Executive Director of Facilities Planning
Fraser Health Authority

“During the early stages of construction of Metairie Manor, we had a lady who lived in a neighboring apartment complex make a claim. She took a pre-existing condition, which was a crack in her wall, and tried to claim our pile driving caused it. We used a pre-existing conditions photo that was taken by Multivista to put this to bed immediately. We are ecstatic about this service. The claim was resolved within minutes of arising.

Additionally, we had to core slabs for misplaced thimbles, we did not want to hit any post tension cables, they are tensioned to 5,000 pounds each. I was able to check the pictures Multivista provided to pinpoint the exact locations of post tension cables, and adjust the new corings so they would not hit any cables. A damaged cable costs $3,500 to fix and the Multivista pictures allowed us to not hit any!

–Lex Allain, Project Manager

“Multivista has shown itself to be the best practice in documenting construction at critical milestones and is an excellent tool for accountability.”

–Larry Owen, Quality Control
American Contractor’s Insurance Group (ACIG)

Owners will benefit throughout the life the building with this photographic documentation. If a drawing is worth a thousand words, then a picture is worth a thousand drawings, especially photographic documentation of the entire build process.”

–Kenneth L Johnson, Executive Vice President
Hunt Construction

“When you have the obligation to meet a tight schedule, you don’t always have the luxury to have approved change orders prior to implementing the work. Multivista’s services help us substantiate entitlement for these change orders by recording the work that was done and allowing the construction to progress, thereby avoiding change order impacts to the schedule.”

–Jesus Vazquez, President
Facchina Construction of Florida

“Multivista is a tremendous resource for assisting in the resolution of disputes by taking the guess work out of the status of the project or different aspects of the work on a given day. They will be at the top of our list when a project is in need of a photo-documentation expert.”

–Ron Messerly, Construction Litigation Partner

I cannot think of a better way to document this significant project.”

–Monte Soukup, Senior Vice President for Property Management
Kansas University Endowment Association

“ZOM Development values the services provided by Multivista. Their photographic documentation of construction gives us the ability to share progress photos within our group, and communicate construction related questions and issues such as RFI’s, field adjustments, coordination, etc. ”

“One of the most important benefits is the thorough, long lasting photographic documentation of details for project records, archived for sharing and future use. Should an issue ever arise, the photographic evidence is indisputable and provides a level of comfort to us and our investors, helping greatly with accountability and quality control.”

–Brett J. Gelsomino, Development Manager
ZOM Florida

“I was informed that our company requires the use of a professional photo-documentation company on larger projects… but I was very against moving forward with spending our precious funds on this service. I asked a co-worker, who happens to be one of the most cost conscious people that I have ever met, and he was a big proponent of Multivista. I have now made a complete 180 and totally recognize the value of professional photo-documentation.

We recently determined that we need to remodel an area recently completed. We had 3 different opinions on where the utilities were located. Someone referenced the MEP Exact Build and other Multivista progress photos and we knew exactly where everything was located. This resource ended up saving time and money as well as led to a more elegant design solution.”

–Aaron Zeligman, Project Manager, Development & Construction
Banner Health

“Multivista allows us to have real time access to progression of our projects, along with visual as-builts, indexed within the plans, over the web. I have yet to see another program like this. We estimate the return on our investment to be substantial, given the insignificant costs of Multivista’s services.”

–Kirk Stetson, Manager Facilities
Planning & Construction, Palm Beach State College

“Prior to working with Multivista, we always hired a freelance photographer to document our projects. We were already aware of the value in having photographic documentation of a project’s progression, however, once we had the chance to try out Multivista’s digital photographic indexing system, this value was taken to a whole new level.”

–Art Bell, Owner and Senior PM
Bell Construction Group

Multivista has enabled our remote design team to resolve technical and constructability issues quickly. The DOE headquarters management is also using the site and gives kudos routinely.”

–Peggy Caradonna, Construction Manager
Brookhaven National Labs

“After completing the construction of one of our custom homes, I was contacted regarding a water leak that was occurring in the kitchen ceiling. While on site, I used my mobile phone to log in to Multivista’ s Exact-Built photos for this project to quickly see what was above the ceiling where the leak was happening. Multivista’s service and technology saved us thousands of dollars in this one instance alone by minimizing the invasive repair that was required to fix the leak. We are now using Multivista on all of our custom home projects; the service is invaluable and has paid for itself many times over.”

–Jim Hinds, Project Manager
Contemporary Builders

“Our jobsite and office were able to access the Multivista online site, view the items needed to support the seamless continuation of construction, and eliminate the potentially costly hunt and seek thanks to Multivista’s immediate response. Not only did the Multivista team set things up quickly for needed additional user accounts, they provided everything needed to use the Multivista App for access on the phones of our jobsite crew–all within less than an hour of the initial call. Thank you, Multivista, for your service at a moment’s notice.”

–Senior Project Manager
Addision Development Group, Inc.

“In the past we had relied on our own photo documentation and video taping. The work by Multivista took this to a whole new level of quality and professionalism which was well worth the investment..

Their Photo documentation makes it easy to track each aspect of the project from start to completion. If there are problems or disputes it is very easy to go back through the photo timeline to see exactly what was done and when in any given area.”

–Doug Margison, Project Manager
Mierau Contractors Ltd.

“Multivista is an information system that takes quality control and contractor/sub-contractor accountability to the next level. As you continue to use it, you will find that the applications are practically endless and the cost savings generally pays for service before the job is even complete. It is a project management tool, insurance policy and an X-ray of your project, all rolled into one.”

–Harvey J. Lawrence, President
HJLAI (Commercial Construction Owner’s Rep. and Claims Specialist)